Box & Bin Deals

The deals are a part of the business without which no business deal is complete. The deals make the business easier for both the seller and the buyer. We offers ten such box& bin deals which are really very attractive. These attractive deals can be enjoyed without any negotiations. Just read the terms and go ahead or the submission of the payment. Rest lies with us.

Some of the boxes, available with us, are simply polypropylene plastic boxes which are made with different colors. While for some boxes and bins, the bays or the structure is required to place or insert the boxes. These racks or the shelving units are made with the very strong and durable black or blue steel which is rust-proof and some of them are painted. The popularity of the boxes bays is due to their boltless design which helps the purchaser to erect and assemble the bay within few minutes without the help of the costly skilled and expert worker. To facilitate the process of fabrication, the detailed and illustrated instructions are also shipped along with the ordered bay to your door steps within the United Kingdom.     

But if you want to purchase those boxes or bins which are not in the deals list, then first; read the terms and conditions. If still you are willing to have some deals for the boxes, prepare your plan and send the offer to our marketing team. If your offer is as per our set policy, the team will ask you to go ahead with the offer. Otherwise, either the offer will be rejected or the counter offer will be sent to you for the box & bin deals.

  1. 2x Economy Bays 9 Document Storage Box Boltless 3 Tier Bays

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    Heavy Duty Industrial Workbench Buy 2 Get 1 Free Garage Workbench Deal
    Price: £171.35 (Excl. VAT)

  2. Lockable Blue Distribution Containers Highly Affordable Deal Of 10

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    Lockable Blue Distribution Containers Highly Affordable Deal Of 10
    Price: £225.39 (Excl. VAT)

  3. 6 x 36 Litre Allstore Stackable Clear Boxes

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    6 x 36 Litre Allstore Stackable Clear Boxes
    Price: £105.79 (Excl. VAT)