Racking has been a very important and inseparable part of all places where the any type of working, production and the output is required and is taking place. The racks ae equally important for the all types of industrial units, manufacturing places, factories, assembly units, warehouses, cold storages, the commercial premises, shopping malls, retail, the small shops, the libraries, academic institutions, hotels, restaurants and even the residential places.

We, at the ukgarageshelving.uk, offer many types of the racks which can be used to place goods of daily use in the houses, to place the books and other records in the libraries, the goods for the storage in the warehouses, the merchandise in the shopping malls & shopping outlets and so other than the garages.

Garage racking can be made to sustain the weight of the tools, spare parts, the gadgets, the equipment to work in the garages, the supplies and the personal belongings of the workers.

The heavy garage storage racks are required for the garages which are specifically made toserve heavy duty jobs. The racking for garage is made with the very strongand durable blue or black steel is made with boltless design while some of them are galvanized as well to protect them from the rusting or the decaying. Our racks are so popular due to their typical design due to which you may erect them at our own without the help of the skilled workers.The detailed drawings and the guided instructions are also shipped to you along with the ordered rack.Shelfs of some of the racks are made with the chipboard or wood.

The large variety of racking systems for garage is made with different tiers, bays and shelfs. Some of the racks are designed to work as the mobile racks with can be moved from one place to the other within the premises. 

  • Heavy Duty Racking

    Heavy Duty Racking

    Heavy duty racking units are made to work in those environments where the real heavier weights are to be placed on the

  • Longspan Racking

    Longspan Racking

    Some of the products for the construction industry and many other such industries are made which are exceptionally lon

  • Van Racking

    Van Racking

    Usage of the emergency vans is wide spread in the vehicles repair and maintenance industry. The special emergency vans

  • Garment Racking

    Garment Racking

    It is almost difficult to imagine the tailoring shops, shopping mall, large garments outlet or the shopping window out

  • Vertical Storage Racks

    Vertical Storage Racks

    A typical and distinct type of rack is vertical storage rack which is made in such a design to place and store the pro

  • Tyre & Wheel Racks

    Tyre & Wheel Racks

    The tyre and wheel racks are a very popular and hot selling type of racks which are available at ukgarageshelving.uk f

  • Sheet Racks

    Sheet Racks

    The placement of the sheets in the vertical or the horizontal form is a typical issue in the industrial setups. The pr

  • Pallet Racking

    Pallet Racking

    Pallet racking is that kind of racking which can be used to store and keep the pallet boxes. This kind of racking is m

  • Reel Racks

    Reel Racks

    In the production units and the working places where the different types of wires, thread or other such stitching thin

  • Industrial Racking

    Industrial Racking

    Industrial racking units are specifically made with the extra heavy usage and to perform heavy duty job in the industr

  • Garage Racking

    Garage Racking

    Garage racking is a specialized type of the racking which are applied for the efficient operations of the garages of a