Sheet Racks

The placement of the sheets in the vertical or the horizontal form is a typical issue in the industrial setups. The production units where sheets of different types and material are used in large quantity face the problem of the sheet storage. The storage of the sheets is mainly felt in the manufacturing units where the different types of sheets are used as inventory. While for the storage of the sheets for the other manufacturing units, the warehouses, the construction warehouses & stores, the small sheet outlets and even in the small workshops & garages is a problem. The simple solution is the sheet racks to store. These racks can be vertical or the horizontal.

The one special type of the vertical sheet rack available at is available for sale. This rack is made in a vertical storage type of style in which the sheets of various types can be store and placed. This sheet goods storage rack can be used to place and store the sheets of the different metals, the chipboard, the wood sheets, the plastic or fiberglass sheets. In the small warehouse or the sale outlet, the different sheets can be placed in the different shelfs of the rack.

If the sheets cannot be placed in the vertical position, the sheet can be placed in the horizontal horizontal sheet rack as well. The sheet rack is made with very strong and heavy platform which supports the heavy weight of the sheets in the racks.

The sheet metal rack units are made with blue or black steel with boltless design. The boltless design can be erected by ordinary purchaser in a few minute time without the help of the skilled and expert worker. The illustrated drawings and instructions are sent to the purchaser along with the ordered rack.

  1. Sheet Racks Heavy Duty Industrial Workshop Multi Height Vertical Racks

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    Sheet Racks Heavy Duty Industrial Workshop Multi Height Vertical Racks
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