Vertical Storage Racks

A typical and distinct type of rack is vertical storage rack which is made in such a design to place and store the products from top side. The vertical storage racking is particularly designed and made for the steel sheets, other sheets, wood sheets, chipboard, plastic or fiberglass sheets which are required to be placed from upward. The sheets or the other such things are rather inserted in such racks. The wide usage of such vertical plate storage rack is in the manufacturing units where such sheets are made. In addition to it, the production houses where such sheets are utilized, store the sheets as inventory. Such racks are also useful for the warehouses as well.

We have placed one sheetvertical sheet storage rack on for sale. Thesevertical sheet metal storage racks are made boltless with the very strong and durable blue steel. Thisboltless rack can be erected within a few minute time without the help of the skilled or expert worker as the illustrated instructions are shipped to the purchaser along with the ordered rack.

The rack is built with a strong and heavy platform and the rack frames are made on it. The heavy platform helps to sustain the vertical weight which is inserted from top. This rack is blue in color.

The quality is the product which cannot be dealt with. We guarantee the quality till the shipment is made from our site.

The racks are dispatched to your address within the United Kingdom while the dispatch time is 24 hours after the confirmed order is received with the payment.

  1. Vertical Storage Racks High Quality Workshop Blue Sheet Racks

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    Vertical Storage Racks High Quality Workshop Blue Sheet Racks
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