Shelving is a fixture which is small and can be used to place different products in it in order to be accessed by the human hand without the usage of the ladder. The shelving is widely used in working environments where the heavy load is to be placed on lower levels. These shelving units are lesser in heights but wider in span.

Garage shelving units are popularly used in the small or large garages where they are sued to place the tools, supplies, lubricating oils, fuels, washing & cleaning chemicals, spare parts, smaller gadgets or the equipment which are used in the process of production or the repairing jobs. offers seven different and broad categories of the shelving which are further bifurcated in the more categories and designs. Normally, the shelving for the garage are made with small size which is within the human access. Four tiers of the shelving are a maximum for a typical shelve while mostly the two levels are used in general.

The shelving for garage is made with blue or black steel which is boltless in nature. The boltless structure makes it possible for the normal purchaser to erect and fabricate the shelving without the help of the skilled and expert worker. To facilitate in the process of fabrication, the shelving drawings and the guided instructions are shipped along with the ordered shelving to the customer.

Other than the metal shelving for garage, the heavy duty shelving units are made for the industrial units, assembling lines or the factories. For the smaller warehouses, commercial centers, the small outlets, the libraries, academic institutions, hospitals, restaurants and even the residential places, shelving is hot popular.

The ordered shelving units are shipped to your doorsteps within the United Kingdom. The dispatch time is 24 hours after the placement of the confirmed order and the payment.  


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