Storage Kits

The mass level production in the highly tech industries with the rapid speed results in the storage problem for the produced products. Many solutions of such problems are being sought. One typical solution is the immediate packing of the produced goods with the help of the storage kits. These storage kits may include different type of the boxes, shelves, baskets or the containers.

The storage kits, available at our place, are for sale. These storage kits may include six different type of the storage mechanisms to store in the factories, stockrooms of working places, the wire storage baskets, different types of container and so one. In addition to that the storage kits may serve the purpose of storing different type of products in different type of the storage kits. For example, the fruit, vegetables and the other perishable products may be placed and presented in the wire storage baskets. To store the products in the warehouses, the stacking containers till the ceiling and the office folders, files, documents and other paper pieces can be stored in the document and the archive storage kits. 


  • Document & Archive Storage

    Document & Archive Storage

    The ever increasing heap of the office documents has not removed the need for the paperless office. But the main issue

  • Wire Storage Baskets

    Wire Storage Baskets

    Wire storage baskets are, normally, used to display the products and things which are placed in them. Two types of wir

  • Stacking Containers

    Stacking Containers

    A major problem of all the warehouse owners and stockroom managers has been the proper and optimum usage of the space

  • File Storage

    File Storage

    File storage has been a major problem for all the offices. The increasing heap of the folders, files or paper document

  • Small Parts Storage

    Small Parts Storage

    The emergence of the most advanced electronic industry has introduced the usage of the mini; rather some of the micro

  • Bin Storage

    Bin Storage

    Bin storage, as the name suggests is that kind of storage which is used by the business and companies to store the bin